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Contribution by Bryan Che, Product Manager at Red Hat

We’re pleased to announce today the general availability of JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 for Windows and Linux. JBoss Developer Studio provides a certified open source development environment that includes and integrates:

Developer Studio provides a host of powerful features, such as Seam tools, powerful Ajax capabilities, a Visual Page Editor with WYSIWYG editing of JSF pages and RichFaces Ajax components, robust Hibernate capabilities and much more.

One of the main benefits of using JBoss Developer Studio is that it pre-integrates and certifies tooling and runtime components together. When you use JBoss Developer Studio:

  • You don’t have to worry about whether all the plugins you use will work together or require incompatible dependencies.
  • You’ll have the assurance that all your runtime libraries like Hibernate or Seam are properly matched with each other and already installed into JBoss Application Server.
  • You’ll know that the particular Eclipse plugins you have work precisely with the runtime libraries and containers in your development environment.
  • You can easily upgrade to new technologies because all the matching tooling, runtime components, and dependencies will be provided to you in an integrated installer.
  • You can deploy your development platform with confidence because Red Hat supports JBoss Enterprise Application Platform releases for five years.

In addition to Eclipse, Eclipse Tooling and JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Developer Studio also includes a copy of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network access for development use. Even if you’re a Windows-based developer, you may want to take advantage of Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s built-in virtualization capabilities to run multiple Windows guests for different development and test environments.

Many of you know that we had released a of couple betas under the name, Red Hat Developer Studio. During the beta process, we found that it would be advantageous to leverage the powerful JBoss developer brand more clearly. So, as we release this new offering, we are officially christening it JBoss Developer Studio.

JBoss Developer Studio 1.0 is available now as a subscription offering for $99. To summarize, JBoss Developer Studio includes:

  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse Tooling
  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • RHN Access
  • Support for Windows and Linux

To learn more about JBoss Developer Studio, visit: here.

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