Today we announced OpenShift Enterprise 3, our on-premise OpenShift solution for customers to deploy and manage applications in their datacenter or public cloud. I am also excited to announce early access for OpenShift Dedicated, a new OpenShift service that is hosted and managed by Red Hat in the public cloud.

OpenShift Dedicated offers a hosted OpenShift 3 environment - a powerful new container-based platform that can power your applications and services. This hosted service isolates your OpenShift instances from other customers, providing increased security, and is managed by the OpenShift operations team, giving you peace of mind about the stability and availability of the platform.

Introducing OpenShift Dedicated

Giving Customers What They Need

The design and delivery of OpenShift Dedicated is yet another example of a customer-driven offering added to OpenShift. Our largest customers kept telling us they needed a way to leverage the power of OpenShift 3 in the public cloud, but they didn’t want to worry about managing the platform or infrastructure.  OpenShift Dedicated accomplishes this and more.

Customers have expressed interest in using this service in many ways, including the following use cases:

  • Development and production workloads for mission critical applications
  • Building or running home-grown SaaS applications
  • Startups/ISVs building net new SaaS applications that can be hosted on the public cloud as well as shipped on top of OpenShift Enterprise 3 for on-premise deployments
  • Web design and development agencies looking to develop and host their customers’ websites in the public cloud

Benefits of OpenShift Dedicated

The use of OpenShift 3 technology offers many benefits and features, including:

  • Self-Service Platform - Developers can quickly and easily create applications on demand directly from the tools they use most.
  • Polyglot, Multi-Language Support - Developers have the choice and the ability to run multiple languages, frameworks, middleware and databases on the same platform. Since OpenShift 3 natively integrates Docker, customers can also take advantage of the Docker community ecosystem of packaged application components.
  • Container-Based - OpenShift provides an immutable, container-based platform based on Docker and Kubernetes to deploy and run applications and microservices and to enhance application portability.
  • Automation - OpenShift automates application builds, deployments, scaling, health management and more to provide a comprehensive application lifecycle management solution.
  • Source to Image - An easy way to take source code and combine it with a container image that contains both a build and runtime environment for that source code.
  • Multiple Interaction Models - Developers can create and manage applications utilizing a rich set of command-line tools, a powerful multi-device web console, or an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment such as JBoss® Developer Studio.

OpenShift Dedicated brings this power and flexibility to a managed public cloud, offering additional benefits:

  • Isolated Public Environment - Your application servers will contain only your applications and services.  You will have your own orchestration, infrastructure and application layer.
  • Custom Resource Allocation - Determine the memory, storage, and CPU share for your projects, up to the size of the node itself.
  • Expanded Hosting Regions - OpenShift Dedicated allows for hosting in any region supported by AWS EC2, including Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney), EU (Frankfurt and Ireland), South America (Sao Paulo), US East (N. Virginia), and US West (N. California and Oregon).
  • Connect to Local Services - Extend your corporate network into the cloud by connecting to services within your datacenter, including datastores, firewalls, and VPNs using Amazon VPC.
  • Award-Winning Red Hat Support - Access award-winning Red Hat professional support from our experienced global team.

Proven Experience You Can Trust

OpenShift Operations manages OpenShift Dedicated - the same team that’s managed OpenShift Online since it was born (2011).  This team has experience and knows what it takes to manage a cloud infrastructure to create over 2.5 million applications and support thousands of users running applications every day. With proven processes and years of experience the team will make sure your dedicated platform is secure and running at very high availability.

The benefits from a Red Hat managed infrastructure include:

  • Infrastructure Management - The OpenShift Operations Team will take care of infrastructure maintenance, including updates, configuration, and security.
  • Professional Infrastructure Monitoring - Receive high-quality monitoring, making sure your nodes are always up and running.


OpenShift Dedicated is now generally available.

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