This morning, we announced that the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform has become the first supported Java application server available on Amazon EC2, joining Red Hat
Enterprise Linux

While we’re excited to offer the first cloud-based Java application server, the real value of the announcement lies in the wide variety of customer uses and benefits that it can generate. Developers, enterprises and startups can now use JBoss Enterprise Application Platform on Amazon EC2 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their Java applications when they need:

  • to expand their existing deployments: customers can take their existing JBoss-based applications and move them to the cloud with little or no changes and leverage the same Red Hat enterprise software that they’re already using.
  • virtually unlimited capacity: for building, deploying and hosting enterprise Java applications and application services on a web-scale compute infrastructure with virtually unlimited capacity.
  • short-term increase or on-demand compute processing: for application or services, peak workloads, batch processing, prototyping or performance testing.
  • a low start-up cost solution: customers can leverage Amazon’s data center for a cloud computing environment for their Java applications; this helps customers avoid the expensive startup up and maintenance costs for space, power, heating and cooling of data traditional data center deployments.

If you’re looking for more information on Red Hat and JBoss in the cloud, check here.

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