This month the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) formally adopted KubeVirt into the CNCF Sandbox. KubeVirt allows you to provision, manage and run virtual machines from and within Kubernetes. In joining the CNCF Sandbox, KubeVirt now has a more substantial platform to grow as well as educate the CNCF community on the use cases for placing virtual machines within Kubernetes. The CNCF onboards projects into the CNCF Sandbox when they warrant experimentation on neutral ground to promote and foster collaborative development.

For our part, Red Hat has been a contributor and advocate for KubeVirt and we’ve been leveraging it to play with some technologies you may remember. At Red Hat Summit you watched us demonstrate the capabilities of a Kubernetes Native platform bringing together the capabilities of VMs, containers, networking and storage. If you’re an OpenShift customer you may have started to play with Container-native virtualization (CNV), available via tech preview — this uses KubeVirt under the hood.

Congratulations to the KubeVirt team! We’re excited to watch the advancement of this project as it grows with CNCF Sandbox. To learn more about the project and its initial kickoff with CNCF you can view a quick webinar here.  



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