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Next week in Vancouver, Canada thousands of OpenStack users will meet at the seventeenth annual OpenStack Summit. This year will expand beyond OpenStack to cover topics like CI/CD, container infrastructure, Edge Computing, HPC, Open Source communities, private, hybrid, and public cloud, and telecommunications.


Thursday, May 24, I will host a hands-on lab focused on using Red Hat Ansible Automation, an agentless IT automation technology, as a tool to manage OpenStack cloud infrastructures.


During the lab, my colleague, Roger, and I will guide you through writing essential Ansible playbooks  and how to leveraging key Ansible modules to manage better and simplify OpenStack environments. By using Ansible, an OpenStack administrator can simplify complexities in their environment and produce consistent results in day-to-day operations.


The following management tasks covered will consist of typical administrative tasks such as:


  • Creating and Deleting Networks
  • Creating and Deleting Network Subnets
  • Creating and Deleting Routers
  • Creating and Deleting Instances
  • And more...


If you want to know more about the session, check out the session here


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