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oVirt logo The oVirt development team is very pleased to announced the release of version 1.0 of moVirt, which is now officially available as an Android app on the Google Play store.

The moVirt app, which was released on August 4, is a mobile client for oVirt that aims not to duplicate the features of the existing web dashboard but strives to be a useful companion app.

moVirt contains three main features: Monitoring of virtual machine health, such as memory/CPU utilization, status, and events; integration with SPICE and VNC; and bridging the physical world of servers with the virtual world of oVirt using the techniques of augmented reality that can scan data matrix codes located physically on servers.

This last feature is exceptionally cool, since a user can make use of a mobile device's camera to gather additional data like host status, resource utilization, and VMs running on a physical server.

moVirt is the product of a lot of great work from oVirt developers, as well as interns from the GNOME Outreachy Project, who have been instrumental in pushing moVirt to this initial release.

If you have an Android device and are using oVirt to manage your data center, check out these moVirt demos and then download the app for yourself!

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