Network functions virtualization (NFV) has grown in importance among communications service providers (CSPs) as they seek greater efficiency and agility, as well as seek to reduce operational costs. With NFV, service providers are able to simplify their network architecture and transform their business models. CSPs have adopted OpenStack to run their NFV solutions and as a basis for more scalable infrastructure for their customers.

A key building block to NFV is virtualized network functions (VNF), and CSP’s running NFV solutions on Red Hat OpenStack Platform need VNFs that can interoperate effectively with the infrastructure to create a more solid deployment foundation. That is why in April 2016, Red Hat announced the addition of a VNF certification level to its existing NFV certification offering. With this expanded certification, we added new testing to help provide compatibility and support, to reduce risks and increase efficiency of the solutions created by a vibrant partner ecosystem.

Red Hat’s VNF certification can offer a deeper integration for NFV and verify that providers of virtual network functions are taking full advantage of the platform for customer deployments. Since it was first introduced, the VNF certification program has gained momentum, with 31 VNF technologies now certified on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform. These certifications allow customers to deploy with more confidence that their chosen solution is enterprise-ready and supported by Red Hat and the specific partner. Certified partners include communications industry participants such as:

  • Affirmed Networks
  • Altiostar Networks
  • Avi Networks
  • Cisco
  • Ericsson
  • F5
  • Juniper Networks

The list of partners that certify their VNF products on the Red Hat OpenStack platform can be found here. The list of partners who have earned Red Hat OpenStack Platform certifications can be viewed here.

To learn more about VNF certification or Red Hat OpenStack, visit the Red Hat booth at OpenStack Summit this week in Sydney, Australia, or read the latest announcements here.