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With the recent release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, the Red Hat Training and Certification team sat down with Pete Hnath and Randy Russell to discuss new training curriculum available for OpenStack. Here are some highlights from that conversation.

This is the first post in a three-part series on OpenStack Training.

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What is OpenStack Director?

Pete Hnath: Red Hat has been working furiously for the couple of years to provide a whole a holistic deployment and management tool for OpenStack. That product is OpenStack Director. That is a critical piece to Red Hat. OpenStack Director is a very complex additional set to OpenStack itself.

Randy Russell: Red Hat OpenStack Platform Director is a new tool used to install and manage the deployment life cycle of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 and later versions. It's targeted specifically for cloud operator use cases where updates, upgrades and infrastructure control are critical for underlying OpenStack operations. It also provides an API driven framework providing introspection to management and orchestration tools higher up in the stack.


On the history of OpenStack Curriculum for Red Hat Training and Certification

Randy Russell: Red Hat first launched OpenStack training and certification about three years ago. At that time, the market for just the customer use of OpenStack was largely limited to the very early adopter-orientated companies where the professionals utilizing OpenStack were often very aware or were participating in the upstream community. To align with that, what we initially launched was a course that was designed for IT professionals with a high-level of mastery of OpenStack. It assumed a lot and it moved fast. OpenStack is a very large, complex platform made of a whole suite of various services and even for those experienced professionals, meaning there is a lot to cover in several days.

Pete Hnath: We have lived with that model for the last two years. What has become evident in the last year is that market has clearly reflected OpenStack adoption is occurring so rapidly that our business has moved very quickly beyond those early professionals who had substantial proficiency coming in to a much larger community of IT professionals that had more limited exposure to OpenStack.


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