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When Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst published The Open Organization in 2015, he didn't just release a book. He catalyzed a global conversation about the ways open principles are reshaping organizational culture and design.

That community conversion—dynamic enough to span an entire five-book series—continues today. And at Red Hat Summit 2019, you can be part of it.

In Boston, May 7‒9, join the open organization community to explore the benefits of working, managing, and leading the open source way. And don't forget to swing by the conference's collaboration space, where you can meet members of the Open Organization Ambassadors, peruse the Open Organization book series, and discuss the challenges of building more transparent and inclusive organizations with other attendees.

Here are just a few of the exciting sessions we've planned.

Giving People a Voice in an Open Organization

Open organizations are full of dialogue. But how can you be sure your team's conversations include all voices—not just the loudest ones? In this breakout session, learn how Red Hat teams create collaborative and inclusive environments for the conversations that move business forward. After all, when team members know they'll be not just heard but listened to, they'll start sharing things that may be otherwise hidden and hindering improvements. And when they've found a voice, they'll start making sure others can also be heard—and start looking out for each other.

Open Source Culture in a Bottle: Making Key Organizational Decisions at Scale

Having an open source culture in your organization can complicate decision making—especially when you want to be inclusive and foster engagement. In this session, explore the benefits, risks, and rewards of making decisions openly and collaboratively with your organization. And learn more about the Open Decision Framework, Red Hat's tool for making open decisions at scale.

Open Management: The Next Frontier in Open Culture

In open organizations, leaders can emerge from anywhere, and leadership is a possibility for anyone. But what does this unique, vibrant (and occasionally chaotic) situation mean for people managers? In this session—led by Red Hat Chief People Officer, DeLisa Alexander—learn more about what managers who excel in an open culture have in common with managers in other business environments, then explore what sets them apart. Discover how Red Hat is helping to define a new frontier, "open management," and quantifying the vital role managers play in building, supporting, and moderating a dynamic meritocracy.

Transformation via Open Leadership

Digital transformation requires substantial changes in business practices and culture. And change of this magnitude may not happen without purpose-driven, principle-centered, and open leadership. In this session, hear how open leadership is a blend of mindsets, behaviors, and practices that help people thrive in and contribute to the kind of open organization you want to build. And explore some open leadership practices you can begin using as you create a more transparent, inclusive, and collaborative culture.

How Open Can Unlock Your Organization's Potential

Want to build an open organization—one that's more agile, flexible, and engaged? Join this interactive, hands-on workshop and learn the fundamentals of open culture. Explore the nature of open organizations, understand how your organization can become more open, and explore the tensions and challenges that await you on your journey. This one's a working session—so arrive ready to roll up your sleeves.

You can only attend sessions like these if you're registered for Red Hat Summit. Do that today, and use the code RHBLOG19 to receive $100 off your registration fees. (This code can only be used once per attendee, and cannot be combined with any other offer.)


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