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Written by John Allessio, VP of services

In case you haven’t noticed, OpenStack is top of mind for Red Hat in addition to being frequently in the news. We continue to roll out new OpenStack services to help companies take their cloud computing initiatives to the next level by leveraging the experience that we have gained deploying industry-leading initiatives. We’ve also introduced new training classes and certifications to help create more OpenStack specialists in the field and, we’re gearing up for the next OpenStack Summit in Tokyo this October.

If the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver was any indication, I believe the Tokyo event is going to be a success. The OpenStack community is growing at a fast pace, with more than 27,000 community members and 76 products available in the marketplace. Following the Vancouver event, an IDC Insight talked about what’s needed to build on the current OpenStack momentum.

One item stood out for me:
“In addition, they [European organization] often lack the skills and expertise required for OpenStack deployment and management, as well as application development capabilities.”
While this IDC report focused on the European market, I believe the gap of OpenStack skills is a reality for U.S. organizations alike.

Regardless of where you are located, we are here to help. Here are some resources available to you and your staff:

New Training: Wondering what’s new on the OpenStack training front? Check out our recent blog, “OpenStack Skills are in Hot Demand: Five Ways to Make Sure You Keep Pace,” to learn how to keep you and your staff up-to-speed on the latest OpenStack developments.

Did Someone Say ‘Free?”: Yes! We are excited to announce available of our first FREE OpenStack training course. This brand-new, two-hour video session provides a Red Hat OpenStack Technical overview and includes information from course CL010.

The 12 Days of OpenStack: With the Red Hat Learning Subscription, you get access to all of our online OpenStack content. This program has been recently expanded to include 12 days of OpenStack training. *Need more info.

A Summit Sneak Peek: Helping customers migrate to new cloud environments is top of mind right now as we get ready for the Tokyo event. Stay tuned to find out Red Hat’s ideas for helping get our customers onto OpenStack.


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