Reducing the sprawl common in many of today’s heterogeneous data centers is often top of mind for CIOs and IT departments. From identifying a process to increase hardware homogeneity and meeting application and environment migration targets to utilizing cost-effective virtualization technologies, Red Hat is primed and ready to help companies pave the way to success with Red Hat Services Pathways.

Pathways combine a series of strategic consulting engagements through a phased approach to help customers achieve specific IT business goals. We’re not just focused on the destination, we’ll also help map out the journey to get customers from where they’re at today to where they need to be in the future.

We’ll be rolling out a series of different Pathways over the next several months. Each Pathway is based on years of collective expertise and best practices, but can also be customized to meet unique characteristics and business objectives. This approach can help reduce risk while avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce our first Red Hat Services Pathway: IT Consolidation.

The IT Consolidation Pathway can help address a number of pain points such as:

  • Underutilized systems in some areas but over-utilized in others due to incompatible systems and applications
  • Inefficiency of systems management tools and processes due to data center complexity
  • Spending dedicated to maintaining complex, heterogeneous IT systems versus focusing on innovation

The IT Consolidation Pathway can help carve out IT costs while enabling customers to scale their IT ecosystem through an approach that leverages open source technologies, industry insight and proven IT methodologies.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional Pathways in the coming months as we continue to deliver services that enable our customers to follow the path to building and running efficient IT infrastructures.