As we enter 2018, we know a few things about the Kubernetes community:

  • It continues to grow larger each year, as evidenced by the growth of KubeCon.
  • More companies are trying to run Kubernetes in production.
  • More technology vendors are making Kubernetes a priority, and providing various levels of integration.
  • More and more companies are looking for guidance, best practices and shared learnings about how to design, deploy and manage containers, microservices applications, and the DevOps/SRE cultures that are at the core of their Digital Transformations.

Before Kubernetes became popular, we had a suspicion that these trends would happen and we started the OpenShift Commons community. Whereas the Kubernetes community is focused on the technology, the OpenShift Commons community strives to bring together both technologists and practitioners to share knowledge and work to solve common challenges.

Diane Mueller (@pythondj) has led the OpenShift Commons community since its inception. This week we had the opportunity to talk with her about how the community has grow, its focus areas and special-interest groups, and how the community has organically evolved over the years. We also talk about the growth of the OpenShift Commons Gathering events.

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