Today, we are pleased to announce that Red Hat and Eurotech received the IoT Infrastructure of the Year award for our collaboration on Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud at Computing’s Big Data & IoT Excellence Awards, which showcases the achievements of the IT industry’s outstanding Big Data and IoT companies, solutions, products and personalities.  

Eurotech’s IoT infrastructure, built with Red Hat technologies, has been recognised for its enhanced security and data management features as well as its reliability, flexibility and the innovative boost it represents for enterprise IoT. Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud, supported by Red Hat products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat JBoss AMQ and Red Hat JBoss Fuse, offers an end-to-end IoT platform  that  provides the services needed to collect data generated from field devices and to integrate that data into downstream applications, business processes, dashboards and reports. It also provides the services required for managing remote IoT devices, including configuration management, application lifecycle management and remote access.

As a focus of our collaboration with Eurotech, we have combined our knowledge and expertise in open source and IoT to address critical business issues around security, reliability and scalability through IoT innovation. As leaders in the Eclipse IoT community, we also jointly announced last year the launch of the Eclipse Kapua project, which is built from the code base of Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud. Eclipse Kapua combines with the Eclipse Kura project – a Java/OSGi based edge computing platform – to offer IoT developers and end users an open platform for end-to-end IoT implementations, helping them to avoid costly, proprietary lock-in and accelerate community-driven development.

We congratulate participants and upstream communities of the Eclipse Kapua project for their great collaboration and work to build a flexible, stable base for future IoT innovation, responsive to emerging needs around industrial IoT.

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