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The convergence of voice, video and data is causing sweeping change in the telco industry. It’s increasing demands on providers too. Red Hat delivers the tools to help telecom carriers deliver next-generation communications: an infrastructure that cuts costs and increases performance, and a true open development platform that encourages rapid innovation. The Red Hat solution for telecommunications combines Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBoss Enterprise Middleware, Mobicents JSLEE and a broad ecosystem of telco hardware and software providers - all to help carriers devote valuable resources not toward maintaining expensive proprietary infrastructure, but in creating new services for their customers.

An excerpt from the blog of Ivelin Ivanov, Director of Product Development at JBoss, a division of Red Hat:

A few weeks after announcing our commitment to double the investment in the JBoss middleware division, Red Hat makes a firm commitment to enter the emerging telco middleware space. The most prominent professional open source vendor is officially backing the Mobicents project, its community of users and customers.

This is a great day for Tier 1 telcos and NEPs, who are looking for an ubiquitous service delivery platform with rapid development cycle and low deployment cost.

Enterprises and ISVs should also be excited, since they now have the ability to build creative new applications on a solid platform, widely deployed by tier 1 telcos. Over the last 12 months many Mobicents users have been asking for commercial support offering by Red Hat. Their prayers have been heard!

Going forward we will offer a commercial grade support package under the JBoss Communications Platform brand. We will also accelerate the Mobicents community project roadmap as we separate the concerns of stable product releases from fast paced innovation.

The Red Hat/JBoss Communications Platform will be comprised of stable and well tested modules from the Mobicents community code base. It will be fully supported by Red Hat Global Services and Red Hat Network. At the same time the Mobicents community will be able to advance faster then ever at its own pace, without restrictions on stability. A win-win for both worlds – that of open source community users and the one of commercial entities with stringent Quality of Service requirements.

To see the press release about Red Hat’s acquisition of the Mobicents technology, see here. To see the press release announcing Red Hat’s membership in the SCOPE Alliance, see here.

Read Sacha Labourey’s blog on JBoss entering the Telco market here.

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