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With the increasing demand in the marketplace for open source technologies, ensuring that the workforce is adequately skilled to meet these demands head-on is a top priority for CIOs. Large organizations are facing a crucial skills gap, which can disrupt delivery capabilities and lead to client dissatisfaction. With the open source services market projected to grow at an annual growth rate of nearly 24% through 2022, there is a critical need to address the skills gap and ensure delivery teams are better equipped to meet evolving business needs. 

Red Hat’s work with global systems integrators (GSIs) underscores the correlation between highly skilled delivery teams with well defined training and competency development frameworks and better business outcomes, lower attrition and associate growth within the partner organization. 

As a result, our GSI partners are adopting new ways to upskill their associates with on-demand learning, hands-on labs and peer learning. In recognition of this paradigm shift, Red Hat has developed an end-to-end enablement framework for partner associates. Red Hat Ascend is a competency journey built on the proven 70-20-10 development model that acts as a self-learning path and incorporates both formal training as well as hands-on learning, simulated labs and peer learning opportunities.

The Red Hat Ascend program is tailored to address our GSI partner’s competency needs aligned to their business focus in key technologies and industries. The blueprint to address the  competency requirements for Red Hat Ascend was created in collaboration with key GSI stakeholders across competency, learning and development, alliance and delivery teams. This helped to establish joint metrics and benchmarks for success, customised learning paths and an execution plan for activities such as webinars, tech days, meet-ups and architect bootcamps. 

The 70-20-10 development model

Red Hat Ascend is based on the proven 70-20-10 development model that encapsulates the different ways people can learn: through experience, peer interactions, and formal training.  

Successful completion of the Red Hat Ascend program entitles the partner associate to receive an official Red Hat Ascend certificate of recognition, serving as validation that they have demonstrated a deep understanding and knowledge of Red Hat technologies.

Global program adoption 

Red Hat recently launched the Red Hat Ascend program with select GSI partners around the world. With global execution support from dedicated program managers within the partner organization, hundreds of our partner associates are already benefiting from this initiative. This program is being rolled out to several more GSIs to build highly competent, client-ready, geographically distributed skill pools. 

Red Hat Ascend is the latest example of our commitment to Red Hat’s ecosystem of GSI partners and our joint success. Learn more about how Red Hat collaborates with GSI partners here.  

About the author

Parth Yadav is a senior program manager on the GSI Partner Alliances team, where he is responsible for global training, enablement, and competency development programs for Red Hat's GSI partners. Before joining Red Hat in 2019, he spent 12 years in business development, channel/partner/sales enablement and partner program management roles at IBM and Akamai Technologies. He has also conceptualized and executed global partner programs and initiatives. 

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