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Red Hat, in conjunction with the open source community, released JBoss ESB 4.2, a JBoss.org open source project. JBoss ESB 4.2 intermediates interactions between enterprise applications, business services, business components and middleware to integrate and enable automation of business processes. JBoss ESB 4.2 supports various messaging products for transport, component models as SOA end points, data integration from Hibernate and MetaMatrix federated data sources and data transformation for seamless communication. JBoss ESB 4.2 provides a registry for service discovery and integration. JBoss ESB 4.2 is designed to enable simple to advanced SOA governance software from the open source community and commercial software vendors such as AmberPoint and SOA SW. Due to its flexible and open architecture, JBoss ESB enables partner products, such as Jitterbit’s data transformation offering, to plug in to supplement and extend JBoss ESB deployments.

JBoss ESB is a second-generation SOA foundation due to its inherent flexibility to be configured to specific use-case scenarios as well as its agnostic architecture, which is not based on a specific technology such as JMS, JBI or web services like many first-generation ESBs. Additionally, as a second-generation ESB, JBoss ESB 4.2 is designed to support the following integration and process architectures and models:

  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) by enabling services to by found, communicate and be integrated into applications and business processes
  • Event-driven architecture (EDA) with event notification, logging and coordination
  • Complex event processing (CEP) leveraging the Drools project for business rules content-based routing and setting the basis for more CEP capabilities in the future
  • Business process management (BPM) by using the jBPM project for service orchestration internal to the ESB and providing a foundation for business process management extensions such as jBPM or ActiveBPEL for process automation

New features of JBoss ESB 4.2 are described here. Also, Burr Sutter answers questions about JBoss ESB 4.2.

We are excited by the progress the open source community has made on JBoss ESB working with partners and early adopters. We look forward to integrating the open source JBoss ESB 4.2 project into a complete SOA and business process automation platform later this Autumn.

To get a head start, download JBoss ESB 4.2 today.

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