Today, Red Hat is pleased to announce the beta availability of Red Hat Software Collections 1.2. Delivered on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a more frequent release cadence, Red Hat Software Collections expedites the delivery of essential web development tools, dynamic languages, open source databases, C and C++ compilers, the Eclipse IDE, and a variety of development and performance management tools. As these updated components can be installed alongside versions included in base Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Software Collections is designed to bridge developer agility and production stability by accelerating the creation of modern applications that can be confidently deployed into production.
New additions in the beta release include:
  • Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0, a software collection in its own right, is now included as a component of Red Hat Software Collections. Of note, Red Hat Developer Toolset is now available for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This update brings the Eclipse IDE to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for the first time and gives C and C++ developers the ability to compile once and deploy to multiple versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For example, Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 users can now compile on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to run on both Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Noteworthy updates to Red Hat Developer Toolset 3.0 include GCC 4.9, the addition of ltrace 0.7.91, and a number of additional minor bug fixes and feature enhancements.
  • DevAssistant 0.9.1, a useful tool for setting up development environments, publishing code, and completing other associated tasks; DevAssistant comes with both an intuitive GUI and CLI.
  • Maven 3.0, a build automation tool for Java projects that describes how software is built and the associated dependencies.
  • Git 1.9.4, formerly distributed as part of Red Hat Developer Toolset, has been updated and placed into its own collection enabling developers to be able to access and install Git without necessarily having to install Red Hat Developer Toolset.
  • An updated release of Nginx 1.6, giving developers access to a fully supported version of this high performance web server and web proxy.
  • The latest stable versions of popular dynamic languages employed to create modern web-based applications, including Ruby with Rails, Python, PHP, Perl, as well as a Technology Preview of Node.js.
  • The latest stable versions of popular open source databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB.
Red Hat Software Collections 1.2 Beta is available now for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to customers and partners with select active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions. To access and download Red Hat Software Collections, please visit:

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