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We are pleased to announce that the Red Hat Learning Community has reached more than 10,000 members! Since its launch in September 2018, the community has shown itself to be a valuable hub for those seeking to share knowledge and build their open source skill set. 

When we first started out, this was just an idea. We set out to support, enable, and motivate new and experienced open source learners as they learn how to work with Red Hat technologies, validate their technical skill sets, build careers and pursue Red Hat Certifications. We soft launched the community in July 2018 and invited 400 Red Hat Training instructors, students, curriculum developers and certifications team members to jump-start community discussion boards and earn a founding member badge. 

The Red Hat Learning Community is a collaborative learning environment open to anyone with an interest in open source technologies. Via the Red Hat Learning Community members can connect, ask questions, share resources, join discussions, earn badges, contribute best practices and stay updated on the tools, tips and documentation that will supplement their individual learning goals.

We piloted the Red Hat Learning Community with an initial test group prior to the launch. Starting with that initial group this free, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing platform has become a resource for Red Hat Training students, certified instructors, subject matter experts, Red Hatters, technical professionals, Red Hat Certified Professionals, Red Hat partners and anyone interested in joining a community dedicated to learning open source. 

With thousands of posts from its members, the community has become a valuable learning tool for members as they progress through their individual learning journey, and tackle open source skill adoption. 

The Red Hat Learning Community provides badges and leaderboards to help members track their progress through their self-guided learning track. Members can unlock badges online and offline by posting, interacting with posts, attending industry events, becoming a Red Hat Certified Professional or participating in Red Hat Academy courses. 

With discussion topics ranging from the deeply technical to broader conversations about the future of open source, the Red Hat Learning Community provides a diverse content archive and user base. 

Since its launch, the Red Hat Learning Community has grown to include:

  • More than 10,000 members

  • More than 4,000 posts 

  • 200 verified Red Hat Training Instructors (RHCI’s)

  • 500 Red Hat Certified Professionals (RHCP’s)

We’re excited by the growth experienced by the Red Hat Learning Community and we’re continually looking to add new content and features. We encourage you to visit us at, introduce yourself, start a discussion or join one of our existing conversations.

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