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The Red Hat Learning Community has a new design! This latest update includes new features and  platform enhancements that continues to supplement and drive open source skill adoption for learners of all skill levels. 

Release Highlights

These optimizations and enhancements add value for our members by facilitating a personalized experience, collaborative engagement and a more intuitive user experience. Due to our open source philosophy and collaborative spirit, we crowdsourced ideas from our members. A few highlights include:

What can you do as a Red Hat Learning Community member?

Leverage our community to build your technical skills, obtain resources, advice and support as you progress through your learning journey and use Red Hat technologies on the job. Subject matter experts can in-turn help share tools, tips, documentation, and experiences that will help members adopt Red Hat technologies.

A few ways to get started:

  1. Introduce Yourself
  2. Complete your Bio
  3. Join or start a discussion
  4. Get recognized: submit an article
  5. Submit an idea



















What is the Red Hat Learning Community?

For those who aren’t familiar, the Red Hat Learning Community is a collaborative learning environment open to anyone with an interest in open source technologies. It facilitates a space where members can connect, ask questions, share resources, join discussions, earn badges, contribute best practices and stay updated on the tools, tips and documentation that will supplement their individual learning goals. With thousands of posts from our members, RHLC has become a valuable learning tool as learners progress through their individual learning journey, and tackle open source skill adoption. Register today

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