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An article from the Red Hat Learning Subscription monthly newsletter. August 2016.

We’ve added a couple of new contextual buttons to the course content view. You will now be able to use the Translations and Versions selector for some class content.

For those classes that have multiple language options available we have now included a Translations selector within the class table of contents page. The Translation selector will include all available languages so that even while looking at a course, customers can change the language displayed. If you navigate to a class that does not have a translation in your preferred language, the book will default to English.

As we develop our course content and and make improvements, we will indicate these changes by the Versions option within courses. If a class has multiple revisions available in the catalog, a Versions selector is displayed in the table of contents for the class. This allows customers in the Red Hat Learning Subscription - Standard product to have the ability to view older versions of a course if they prefer.

As always, the Red Hat Training and Certification team looks forward to providing even more great content, features, and UI improvements. Please continue to give us feedback on your experience with your Red Hat Learning Subscription.

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