An article from the Red Hat Learning Subscription monthly newsletter. October 2016 edition.

A few weeks ago we updated the Lab page. In addition to the color changes, and the animation we added when the systems are provisioning, booting, shutting down, etc. we also changed the functionality of the Reset command. Prior to the update, machines needed to be shutdown before they could be reset. However, now you can Reset a running system. When a running system is reset, a new system, with a slightly different name (whatever@reset_#) will be added to the lab environment and booted. For a time, the machine being shutdown and the new one being booted will exist in parallel, but once the old system is removed, the @reset_# system will remain. The name change is in the user interface only. The machine’s host name and networking will be the same as the system it replaced. The name change is put into place so that there are not two systems presented that are difficult to distinguish which is the new one and which one is the old one.

We have also added a confirmation dialog before we do anything that will destroy systems. If you select a Delete Lab or a Reset, we will ask you to confirm the action before obliterating the machines. Being someone who has never, ever deleted a lab or accidentally reset a system through some sloppy mousing, I did not understand the need, but hey, there you go! (I am of course joking and also appreciate being saved from myself.)

Scott McBrien
Technical program manager, Red Hat Learning Subscription
Red Hat, Inc.