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Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 is now generally available. We announced plans for the release in November 2018 during OpenStack Summit in Berlin, where Red Hat led more than 40 sessions including workshops, training classes and demos.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 includes several new benefits, including simplifying the adoption of container-based workloads through tighter integration with Red Hat OpenShift Platform.

Today, Red Hat is happy to announce general availability for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14. In case you missed the previous announcement, here is a quick run down.

Simplified operations through bare metal resource provisioning for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Building on the ability to deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenStack Platform director now helps IT operations teams automate the provisioning of bare-metal Red Hat Enterprise Linux resources for OpenShift Container Platform. This automation extends Red Hat OpenStack Platform’s ability to provide customers with a unified cloud solution for virtualized workloads and can be useful for enterprises evolving toward cloud-native or containerized applications on bare-metal servers. Red Hat OpenStack Platform director now automates the deployment of production-ready OpenShift Container Platform clusters for high availability, designed to support continuous operations and avoid a single point of failure.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 also supports scale-out and scale-in of OpenShift Container Platform nodes so that as workload requirements change to meet business needs, Red Hat OpenStack Platform can scale the required compute,storage, and networking resources. This version also offers a more efficient host container registry through integration with the OpenShift Container Platform registry and the use of Red Hat Ceph storage.

Simplifying deployment through increased visibility and control

Red Hat OpenStack Platform director now extends its integration with Red Hat Ansible Automation, further simplifying the deployment process of the platform. Through this integration, IT operations teams can preview an OpenStack deployment before it goes live and anticipate potential deployment or upgrade issues. Added visibility during the deployment process enables faster failure identification and debugging, including the ability to repeat and reapply isolated deployment steps if a failure occurs.

Processing scalability for graphics rendering and artificial intelligence workloads

NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (vPC) capabilities are available as a technology preview in this release for enterprises looking to deliver a dynamic, multimedia-rich user experience. With a fully automated configuration via Red Hat OpenStack Platform director, support for NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU) solutions allows the sharing of NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) across virtual machines (VMs) and virtual applications.

This new capability lets cloud administrators and users request specific GPU resources and resolutions, enabling open source machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow or Caffe2 to be more scalable. It also allows them to be more efficient by having multiple VMs share one physical GPU.

Improved storage availability, management and data migration

With Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14, customers can attach a volume to multiple hosts and servers simultaneously for clustered enterprise workloads, creating active/active or active/standby compute resource architectures.

This release also simplifies Red Hat Ceph Storage management by using Red Hat OpenStack Platform director to create and manage a multi-tier storage architecture that can offer different storage services based on workload or user needs. New optimized volume migration enables more efficient, faster movement of large volumes of data within a Red Hat Ceph Storage cluster, allowing for better performance during data migration.

As you can see, this release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform is designed to deliver the capabilities organizations need as they transform their organization to a more operationally efficient and agile business.

We’re very excited for 2019 - hope you are too!

About the author

Rosa Guntrip is a senior manager for Red Hat Hybrid Platforms Business Unit. Rosa is a marketing professional with over 20 years in the tech industry with responsibilities including global solutions and services marketing, product marketing, marketing engineering, and product management.

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