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Red Hat is pleased to announce that Red Hat Satellite 6.8 beta, part of your Red Hat Smart Management Subscription, is now available. This release includes a number of new and updated features to help organizations streamline management and automation, along with continued improvements in performance and user experience. 

Red Hat Satellite is part of the Red Hat Smart Management subscription that makes it easier for enterprises to manage patching, provisioning, and subscription management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure, Red Hat Smart Management is fully integrated with Red Hat Insights and Red Hat Ansible Automation for automated identification and immediate resolution of compliance issues, misconfigurations and security risks, providing an automated solution to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments at scale, regardless of where they are running.  

The Satellite 6.8 beta introduces features and enhancements including:

  • Improving the Satellite upgrade experience with new features such as automatic capsule upgrades and independent upgrades for Satellite servers and Capsule servers.

  • Enhancing provision and upgrade options for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  • Managing Satellite via Ansible Collections.

  • Support for IPv6.

For more details on these and a complete list of new and improved features, visit the Red Hat Satellite 6.8 Beta website.  Customers with active Red Hat Smart Management and Red Hat Satellite subscriptions can sign up for the Satellite 6.8 beta and start testing these new features now.  (Note: You must be the organization administrator on your Red Hat account to sign up for the beta.)

Please be sure to complete the Satellite 6.8 beta survey after testing to provide your feedback directly to the Satellite team. Your input is important to us and will be used to shape future versions of Satellite and Smart Management.

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