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Kubernetes has a learning curve, but understanding how to use this open source container orchestration platform can help you solve several problems with 1 tool. Here are some practical resources to help you get started.

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Lessons in Kubernetes

Kubernetes―an open source container orchestration platform―has become the standard for running container-based applications across clouds. The last Red Hat Shares issue gave an overview of this transformative technology. Now let’s focus on learning how to use Kubernetes.

Experts say Kubernetes has a learning curve. But as Red Hat Technical Product Manager Scott McCarty notes in his article, learning to use Kubernetes is worth it “because you can solve so many problems with 1 tool.”

And we’re here to help.

Check out some practical information in this issue of Red Hat Shares, including how to get started with Kubernetes, free courses, a demo, a cheat sheet, and more.

First up, learn Kubernetes basics (8-minute read):



Getting started with Kubernetes

This tutorial explains how to create a cluster, deploy an app, and create a proxy. 4-minute read



Learn the lingo

What is a Kubernetes cluster? 3-minute read

What is a Kubernetes operator? 5-minute read

What is a Kubernetes deployment? 5-minute read

Introduction to Kubernetes patterns 6-minute read

What is the Kubernetes API? 3-minute read



Free Kubernetes courses

Learn about the fundamentals of Kubernetes in these free, live-streaming DevNation courses:

Kubernetes Beginner | Sept. 21 at 12 p.m. EDT

Kubernetes Elementary | Sept. 23 at 12 p.m. EDT

  You might also be interested in these interactive Kubernetes tutorials from Red Hat Developer.


9 steps to awesome with Kubernetes

Get practical tips and techniques for working with Kubernetes from our own Burr Sutter, Director of Developer Experience―from getting started to staying productive. 3-hour video


AnsibleFest Virtual Experience | Oct. 13-14, 2020 


Kubernetes cheat sheet

Learn how to install and run locally on Minikube (an open source tool that lets you set up a local Kubernetes cluster) and install and use the kubectl command-line interface (CLI). 7-minute read



There’s no such thing as vanilla Kubernetes

Can Kubernetes by itself (also known as “vanilla Kubernetes”) solve the problem of building cloud-native, container-based apps and deploying them across a hybrid and multicloud world? Find out in this on-demand webinar. 1-hour video


Free event: DevNation Day 

2020 DevNation title card This all-day, immersive virtual experience will feature experts covering Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift®, JavaScript, Python, and JavaTM.

Sept. 15 | 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. EDT



Scholastic halves time to market for new applications

The educational publishing company cut its time to market from months to weeks after deploying a supported Kubernetes container platform from Red Hat on Amazon Web Services. 6-minute read




What do robots and sheep have to do with open source?

Find out in our latest Open Source Stories films.


How to start a robot revolution 

This is the story of the ROS (Robot Operating System) and the people who have turned it into a global phenomenon. 8-minute video 


Open herdware  

A sheep rancher and a coder are using open source tools to make grazing in Patagonia more sustainable. 4-minute video 


Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience: Open House 

Check out new breakout sessions, ask-the-experts sessions, and more. Now through April 2021. 

  *If you created a login for the original Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience in April 2020, you can use that to log in to the Open House.

Season 5 of Command Line Heroes: Decoding coders 

This mini season is all about the job of being a coder―how it’s done, how it’s changed, and more. 

2021 Red Hat Innovation Awards 

Accepting nominations through Sept. 13, 2020. 


Did you miss our other issue on Kubernetes in June? Check it out.


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