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Enterprise open source is playing an increasingly important role in organizations. See what 950 IT leaders said about it, and learn how it can benefit you.

The Red Hat® Shares newsletter helps IT leaders navigate the complicated world of IT―the open source way.




Open source means business

Open source software (OSS), by definition, has source code that’s available for anyone to see, learn from, use, modify, and distribute. It’s also the foundation for a model of collaborative invention that empowers communities of individuals and companies to innovate in a way that proprietary software doesn't allow.

Enterprise open source software is OSS that’s supported and made more secure―by a company like Red Hat―for enterprise use. It plays a strategic role in many organizations and continues to gain popularity. How do we know?

We surveyed 950 IT leaders to better understand the unique role of enterprise open source. According to the resulting report, 89% said enterprise open source is “extremely important,” “very important,” or “important” to their businesses.

In this issue of Red Hat Shares, see what else the survey revealed and get a deeper understanding of enterprise open source, how it’s being used, and how it can benefit your organization.



Future use of enterprise open source

expect to increase their use of enterprise open source over the next 12 months.


What is enterprise open source?

Open source projects and enterprise open source products share similarities, but they’re not identical. Find out what makes enterprise open source different―and valuable to large organizations.



Top benefits of enterprise open source solutions

Lower total cost of ownership

Better security

Access to the latest innovations

Higher-quality software​


Safer than some might think

Advocates of enterprise open source tout its security, but skeptics are … well, skeptical. The 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report, produced by the Synopsys Cybersecurity Research Center, says “the risk issue is unpatched software, not open source use.” 


“Much of the innovation in the software world today is happening with open source. Organizations that depend on software to support their businesses (which is to say most of them) want to be able to tap into that innovation.”

Source: Haff, Gordon. “Survey says: Enterprise open source is inventing the future of software.” Red Hat Blog. April 16, 2019.


3 open secrets to a better hybrid cloud strategy

September 4, 2019 | 10 a.m. EDT (UTC -4)


Top ways enterprise open source is being used

Website development

Cloud management tools


Big data and analytics​




Boston Children’s Hospital

With help from the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) and a community of developers, Boston Children’s Hospital is using an open source platform named ChRIS to help transform medicine as we know it. 


Nominations open for 2020 Red Hat Innovation Awards 

Are you using Red Hat open source solutions in innovative ways? Tell us your story by September 13, 2019.


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