Red Hat® Summit 2020's shift from an in-person to a virtual event didn't stop us from learning about and celebrating open source and its communities. Catch up on what you missed, or relive some of the highlights.

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A Red Hat Summit like no other

Red Hat Summit 2020, like most things this year, looked a little different than in the past. This year's theme was "From here, anywhere." But the shift from an in-person to a virtual event resulted in a Summit perhaps better characterized as "From anywhere, here." While we weren’t able to gather in San Francisco as originally planned, the virtual event gave us the privilege of connecting with so many more open source enthusiasts (56,063* so far, to be exact) worldwide.

In this time, where the only constant is change, attendees of Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience inspired us to keep our focus on Red Hat’s founding principles―openness, community, and collaboration―which will guide us on the path forward.

We had 242 keynotes, breakouts, and recorded lab demos. There were 20 "Ask the Red Hat experts" sessions, #PetsOfRHSummit on Twitter, arcade games, the #CodeIsOpen photo maker, mindfulness sessions, a lot of peer-to-peer networking, plenty of news, the "How to Start a Robot Revolution" Open Source Stories trailer, attendees loving the demo with Burr Sutter and team (as always), the CO.LAB Robot Kit, and so much more. Remember, you can view the on-demand sessions for 1 year after their air dates.

In this special edition of Red Hat Shares, check out highlights from the virtual event, including featured keynotes, the top breakout sessions, our award winners, and more.

*Data as of April 29, 2020


Featured keynotes

Day 1

Paul Cormier and Jim Whitehurst

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier and IBM President Jim Whitehurst Q and A
In the "Welcome to Red Hat Summit" session, the newly appointed Red Hat CEO and his predecessor talk about the inevitability of change and how Red Hat and IBM are working both together and separately to solve business problems with open source innovation.

Paul Cormier and Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie
Learn more about the partnership between Red Hat and Microsoft, which includes bringing Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat OpenShift® to Azure and aligning around key technologies like .NET and SQL.

Paul Cormier and Verizon’s Srini Kalapala
Hear how Red Hat and Verizon are facing today’s challenges through collaboration on topics like 5G, edge computing, and cloud-native development and applications.

Open Robotics’ Brian Gerkey
See the story of how open source is shaping the present―and future―of the robotics industry.

Saron Yitbarek and Clive Thompson
The CodeNewbie founder and tech journalist discuss what characterizes coders.


Day 2

Burr Sutter’s demo
Red Hat’s Global Director of Developer Experience and his team take you from the remote edge, through the private datacenter, and across the globe with multiple public cloud providers.

Chris Wright, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Red Hat
Learn how Red Hat is unlocking data to help our company, our customers, and entire industries evolve with an open hybrid cloud approach.

Quantum computing roundtable
Chris Wright and tech leaders from IBM, Microsoft, and Honeywell explore quantum computing, its applications and approaches, and the role open source plays.


"The fact that Red Hat Summit 2020 was available online when so many of us are still huddled up at home wondering when our world will reopen was a testament not just to great technology but to the deep-seated conviction that it is critical that we work together and that open source can make that happen in ways that nothing else can."

Source: Henry-Stocker, Sandra. "Red Hat Summit 2020 virtual experience." Network World. 30 April 2020.


Top breakout sessions by track

Check out the sessions with the highest attendance in each track.*


Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform overview and roadmap

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 performance and tuning
IT optimization

Bare-metal OpenShift and Kubernetes-native infrastructure (KNI)
Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Implementing multi-layer container and Kubernetes security with OpenShift for automated DevSecOps
Cloud-native development

Event-driven architecture with Quarkus, Kafka, and OpenShift

Apache Camel 3—the next generation of enterprise integration
Enterprise integration

Security and confidential computing
Future technologies

OpenShift 4.x and beyond
OpenShift Commons Gathering

*Data as of April 29, 2020



Leading by example

People at Vodafone Idea Limited

Red Hat Innovator of the Year:

Fabrice Harbulot

Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year: 


Netha Hussain and Megan Byrd-Sanicki

Women in Open Source Award winners: 




Open source exists for times like these

Helping communities and customers work together to solve shared problems is fundamental to our business. These current challenges are unfamiliar and new to all of us. We don’t have all the answers either, but we know how to find them, together.


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