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Red Hat® Shares covered lots of technology topics during the past year. Check out our 10 most popular stories from 2019, and tell us what you'd like for us to do differently in the new year.

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A year of goodbyes and historic firsts

If you’re a tech enthusiast, 2019 didn’t disappoint.

This year we saw the first all-female spacewalk. The Mars Opportunity rover died, as did Google+ (may they rest in peace). Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram would merge. And to the dismay of many―including World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee―the Internet Society announced plans to sell the .org domain.

While we at Red Hat Shares didn’t repair a space station or irk Mr. Berners-Lee (we hope), we did bring you lots of open source tech information―the most popular of which you’ll see in this end-of-year edition of the newsletter. You’ll also find data on how IT pros are benefiting economically from Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the story of Red Hat, a great deal on your Red Hat Summit 2020 pass, and more.



Top 10 most popular Red Hat Shares stories of 2019


Understanding enterprise integration

5 open source principles that help DevOps teams excel

Understanding Linux

What is enterprise open source?

The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change (book)

What is the Linux kernel?

Why we choose open source

Create an agile infrastructure—and enable an adaptive organization

Wednesday morning general session - May 8 - Red Hat Summit 2019

How to explain microservices in plain English


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The economic impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: How IT professionals benefit

Examine how Red Hat Enterprise Linux affects IT staff employment and productivity in this analysis of the IDC study.


Red Hat Summit 2020 earliest-of-birds price

Now through Jan. 15, save US$745 off on-site registration with our earliest-of-birds price.


Book of Red Hat

Want to learn more about us―our history, our purpose, where the heck our name came from? This interactive page tells all. 


Command Line Heroes podcast, season 3 

(Perfect for holiday binge-listening.)


Did you miss our November 2019 issue on open processes, culture, and technology? Check it out.


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