Red Hat may build technologies, but people are at the center of everything we do. No matter the challenge—solving problems with customers, creating enterprise open source software or helping others discover new ways to work—Red Hat's approach is the same: it's open. And powering that open approach is a special spirit, a culture of collaboration we love sharing with the world.

At Red Hat Summit 2019, we'll do just that with a series of sessions highlighting the benefits of working and living the open source way. Join us to learn more about open approaches to solving all types of problems, operating more inclusively by default, and getting more done by working transparently.

Here are a few highlights of this year's Culture of Collaboration programming.

Ubiquitous collaboration, or "how to collaborate in any environment"

Working (and managing work) across geographies, time zones, and cultures while supporting a diverse team is difficult. But get it right and you'll have created a collaborative environment capable of spanning boundaries. In this mini-session, learn the difference between collaboration and other forms of "working together," then explore how you can combine multiple open source technologies to foster a collaborative spirit on your team or across your organization.

No Egos, No Heroes: The Open Source Way of Problem Solving

No one solves problems alone, despite what we tell ourselves to the contrary. In this session, learn how open source communities solve problems and achieve new innovations in a collective and distributed way—then see how you can bring this approach to your own organization.

Beyond engagement: What open leaders need to know about empowering others

Collaborative environments help people feel empowered—to act, to participate, and to solve problems. But "empowerment" can be a frightening concept. Empowered teams, the thinking goes, are innovative and agile—but empowered individuals are obstinate and rebellious. In this session, examine the roots of this apprehension over employee empowerment initiatives and discuss what you can do to help shift that perception. You'll walk away with practical tips for empowering every individual on your team, as well as measuring your progress along the way.

Opening Your Organization to Neurodiversity

Creating a culture of collaboration means doing whatever you can to better understand the perspectives of those around you—not only seeing the world through their eyes, but also trying to understand it through their brains. Neurodiversity is the diversity of the human brain, and understanding it can help you work more inclusively. Learn the history of neurodiversity and how many organizations, including Red Hat, are empowering their people, products, and customers in new and unique ways by embracing neurodiversity as part of its diversity and inclusion strategy.

Open Everything: Education, Government, Hiring, and Culture

What if a culture of collaboration spread to the entire world? What if our governments and schools started operating according to open principles? Explore those possibilities in this roundtable discussion between open advocates from across industries and sectors, and see how openness can fundamentally alter key areas of our society—beyond software.

To experience all these sessions and more, register for Red Hat Summit 2019. Use the code RHBLOG19 and you'll receive $100 off your registration fees. (This code can only be used once per attendee, and cannot be combined with any other offer.)

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