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UPDATE: We're extending testing until 00:00 UTC on Tuesday, June 25. We want to give everyone a chance to get their RDMA clusters set up.

It’s that time again – we want to test the GlusterFS 3.4 beta before we unleash it on the world. Like our last test fest, we want you to put the latest GlusterFS beta through real-world usage scenarios that will show you how it compares to previous releases.

This time around, we want to focus this round of testing on Infiniband and RDMA hardware.

For a description of how to do this, see the GlusterFest page on the community wiki. Run the tests, report the results, and report any bugs you found as a result.

As an added bonus, use the gluster-users mailing list as another outlet for your testing. After reporting the results on the GlusterFest page, report them on the list, too, and other users can confirm – or counter – your results.

Find a new bug that is confirmed by the Gluster QE team, and I’ll send you a free t-shirt (see image below).


Testing is underway now, and wraps up at 00:00 UTC on Saturday, June 22 (aka 5pm PT/8pm ET on Friday, June 21).

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