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From Red Hat, we want to make sure that your SAP workloads are always up and running, and that your infrastructure is stable and secure. This is why we added Insights to RHEL, to empower even more its strengths.
RHEL is now the most intelligent operating system in the world, Insights gives this intelligence. Why? Because Red Hat Insights is a predictive IT analytics service that enables customers to proactively identify and automatically resolve infrastructure risks before they impact business operations. Fueled by deep technical knowledge and extensive experience with enterprise customers, Insights analyzes IT infrastructure, identifies issues, and delivers clear, tailored, and actionable recommendations. 

By combining risk assessment and per-server tailored remediation steps, Insights moves IT out of firefighting mode and into proactive, smart infrastructure management. No other operating system in the market is capable to give you this stability for your infrastructure.

Your SAP workloads will never run safer than on RHEL.


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