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Enterprise applications are at the heart of today’s organizations, orchestrating and influencing all aspects of the business. Our goal is to help enterprises get applications to market faster by providing them with the best tools to develop and deploy exceptional offerings for their customers. Earlier this year, we previewed the next versions of our application platform and high-performance data grid technologies. These are two great examples of platforms that give organizations the ability to create new business value for customers, support new cloud architectures and deployment patterns, and reinvent systems of engagement.
Today, both Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 6.3 and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.3 are generally available for current customers or members of the JBoss Developer community to download. These technologies allow organizations to accelerate time to market and deliver new innovation—while also providing what they need to maintain, upgrade, and secure their applications while in production. They provide agility and flexibility for development and performance, and availability, security, and reliability for production, upgrades, and maintenance.
Several of the features we’ve added to the latest versions of JBoss EAP and JBoss Data Grid improve and add flexibility for organizations scaling their applications for large enterprise deployments. For the latest version of JBoss EAP – the leading open source application platform, we've included domain discovery and recoverability, security vault enhancements, and support for the WebSockets standard. For JBoss Data Grid, we expanded data security options, added new library and client/server modules for deployment with JBoss EAP, added a new JPA cache store, and now support deployment into the cloud. Enhancements to both of these products are aimed at enabling organizations to accelerate the development process, with peace of mind from rock-solid security and scalable performance.
Enterprises that can develop, deploy, maintain, and manage applications better and faster can be more nimble and more competitive compared to their industry peers. This pursuit of excellence is exactly what our customers – such as OSDE Binario – do. JBoss EAP and JBoss Data Grid are part of an enterprise-grade portfolio that supports the application lifecycle from start to finish – from concept to development, testing, deployment, maintenance, upgrades, and large scale expansion. Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services takes this further by extending the capabilities of our traditional middleware technologies as cloud-based services on OpenShift, such as application container services based on JBoss EAP, and services for integration, business processes and rules, and mobile.
Members of the JBoss Developer community can get started today with JBoss EAP or JBoss Data Grid. Current customers can get the latest update from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

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