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We are thrilled to share that Sky News – a Red Hat customer – took home two 2014 Best of VMworld Europe awards for their server virtualization and server consolidation project – Best Virtualization and Server Consolidation project, and the top honor – Best of Show.


The Best of VMworld Europe awards honored five European IT projects spanning private cloud, hybrid cloud, virtualization and server consolidation and virtualization for disaster recovery. Sky News was honored for their project, which included both Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Satellite, enabling them to streamline content delivery and deliver more flexible, centralized broadcasting and publishing. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization’s flexible, KVM-based capabilities enabled Sky News to run two virtualized data centers in a “back to back” setup, effectively sharing workloads and freeing extra operation capacity.


ComputerWeekly recapped Sky News’ award-winning consolidation project, saying:


Until May 2012, Sky News used a centralised platform, shared with other systems, to run the content publishing system that broadcast and delivered real-time news feeds across a range of platforms. These platforms ranged from web and mobile to on-demand, catch-up services and feeds to third-party commercial clients, such as railway stations and taxi cabs.


This centralised architecture made it hard for the IT team to offer assurance around resiliency and scalability for the Sky News publishing system. And, at a time when the channel is looking to target new audiences and new platforms and roll out new services, making changes and updates to the system could be a lengthy and complicated process.


The IT team decided to try a new approach to spreading a virtualised environment over two datacentres. Instead of a conventional active/standby setup – where one datacentre acts as the primary run-time environment and the other as a secondary, disaster recovery (DR) site – James Murphy and his team planned to run two datacentres back-to-back.


The workload of the publishing system would be shared 50/50 across both datacentres, leaving plenty of free capacity to both handle traffic peaks and satisfy DR requirements. The new environment uses Red Hat Satellite to automate management tasks.


The team can now also devote more time to ensuring that the content publishing system grows and evolves with Sky News’ audiences and services.


Congratulations to the entire Sky News team on this fantastic recognition and success!


You can read more about Sky News’ success with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Satellite here.

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