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Congratulations to our partner SOA Software for being recognized for “Best Deployment” by Network Products Guide for their work with the State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR)! The goal of this joint project between Red Hat and SOA Software was to migrate the DWR from siloed applications to a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, where IT functionality could be shared across the entire department to improve efficiencies and allow DWR to rapidly respond to new State and Federal requirements through the creation of inexpensive applications.

To improve sharing across DWR’s IT department, SOA Software helped DWR implement a SOA and web services strategy, built on JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform using SOA Software’s Policy Manager and Network Director for policy management and service virtualization, respectively. The solution, which is now in production, has already delivered an immediate return on investment to DWR by providing for services designed and built by DWR that are applicable to their operations and meet enterprise policies across all platforms.

The deployment has been so successful that DWR is now offering its SOA PaaS to other natural resources agency partners that have their own local services. By virtualizing these services on DWR’s platform, a single service is created and is consumable by multiple agencies and partners without heavy overhead needed to localize these services for individual consumers.

For more information on the DWR’s success, check out the case study and webinar highlighting the project and results.