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Red Hat Consulting is focused on client success, deep expertise, and driving our Red Hat technology agenda.  We work with our customers to better understand their opportunities and challenges, as well as their inner dynamics and goals.

A key objective for Red Hat Consulting is that our consultants are viewed as trusted advisors to our clients.  Armed with learning from real-world projects that leverage Red Hat products across numerous environments, our consulting organization shares its experiences to help customers see how our products are actually being used.  For example, we share best practices, use cases, key integrations, and architectures implemented.

I encourage you to read an article recently published in GCN by two of our North American consulting architects, Jose Simonelli and Rob Washburn. Their article, “Planning a hybrid cloud? Three things to consider,” weighs in on the question of public cloud vs. private cloud that many federal agencies are trying to answer.  Building a hybrid cloud, however, isn’t just as simple as tacking a cloud infrastructure onto an existing environment, especially in the federal government.  Keeping that in mind, Jose and Rob offer three distinct processes that agency IT professionals should follow to create a foundation for implementing a hybrid cloud model characterized by fully automated self-service provisioning of virtualized workloads.

And if you’re ready to start planning or building your hybrid cloud, take a look at Red Hat Consulting’s cloud services  and cloud training and certification to see how we can help you better meet your business demands.


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