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We’re counting down the days to the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World in Boston May 3-6 and we hope you can join us! We’ll once again feature popular talks from Red Hatters including Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO; Paul Cormier, executive vice president and president, Products & Technologies; Brian Stevens, CTO and vice president, Worldwide Engineering; and General H. Hugh Shelton (U.S. Army Retired) chairman of Red Hat’s board of directors and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We also have a great lineup of industry speakers from key partners including IBM, Accenture, Alfresco, Cisco, HP and Intel.

In addition, you won’t want to miss the visionary keynote by Jeremy Gutsche, innovation expert, host of Trend Hunter TV, and founder of TrendHunter.com. On May 3, Jeremy will talk about "EXPLOITING CHAOS - How to Spark Innovation During Times of Change." He'll dive into: 1) How to create a culture of REVOLUTION; 2) How to spot opportunity; and 3) How to INFECTIOUSLY message your ideas. These are three of the most critical areas to focus on during a time period of rapid change.

Opensource.com recently caught up with Jeremy to discuss open source principles such as transparency, collaboration, and rapid prototyping and how he sees them applied within his work and everyday life. Check out the full opensource.com article here.

Want to hear Jeremy in person at the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World? Register here to attend the event.