Red Hat is dedicated to helping learners and organizations close the gap between the skills they need and what they know.

A key innovation in this pursuit is the Red Hat Learning Subscription. The Red Hat Learning Subscription provides learners with a year of unlimited access to the complete portfolio of more than 50 Red Hat online courses, plus extras designed to enhance the learning experience.

At UOLDIVEO, a Red Hat customer, Avelino Ferreira is in charge of approving new solutions for the company's customers and training of its employees. He began using the Red Hat Learning Subscription in 2015. Since then, the systems engineer has made training a key part of his routine.“The more I learn, the better prepared I feel to face the challenges of my profession. In addition, UOLDIVEO always appreciated my achievements," he explained.

UOLDIVEO’s mission is to be a benchmark in technology solutions, fostering the continuous development of its customers and its employees to the highest standard, in a way that is both comprehensive and socially responsible. In his way, Avelino works to put into practice what he has learned through Red Hat Learning Subscription.

According to Avelino, a key benefit of the training was that it gave him the skills he needed to perform a technology refresh at UOLDIVEO, arming him with knowledge about current technologies in the IT market. In addition, Avelino says the knowledge gained enabled him to increase his productivity at work, since he regularly uses the material as a reference source.

The Red Hat Learning Subscription assists in the quality of training of IT professionals through a tool that is aligned with customer training needs, and offers a high level of knowledge video lessons with certified professionals.

Avelino told us about the impact of the Red Hat Learning Subscription for his career: “Right now the market is very demanding. Having access to reliable material and making appropriate use of that knowledge is a positive factor and one that can stimulate change.”

Watch the video to hear more about his story.


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