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Another cycle, another OpenStack Summit, this time on October 27-30 in Tokyo. The Summit is the best opportunity for the community to gather and share knowledge, stories and strategies to move OpenStack forward. With more than 200 breakout sessions, hands-on workshops, collaborative design sessions, tons of opportunity for networking and perhaps even some sightseeing, the Summit is the even everyone working or planning to work with OpenStack should attend.

Critical subjects, awesome sessions

To select those 200+ sessions the community proposes talks that are selected by your vote, and we would like to showcase our proposed sessions about some of the most critical subjects of an OpenStack cloud: deployment, management and metering/monitoring.

There are multiple ways to deploy, manage and monitor clouds, but we would like to present our contributions to the topic, sharing both code and vision to tackle this subject now and in the future. With sessions about TripleO, Heat, Ironic, Puppet, Ceilometer, Gnocchi and troubleshooting, we'll cover the whole lifecycle of OpenStack, from planning a deployment, to actually executing and then monitoring and maintaining it on the long term. Click on the links below to read the abstracts and vote your the topics you want to see in Tokyo.

Deployment and Management

OpenStack on OpenStack (TripleO): First They Ignore You..
  • Dan Sneddon - Principal OpenStack Engineer @ Red Hat
  • Keith Basil - Principal Product Manager, OpenStack Platform @ Red Hat
  • Dan Prince - Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat
Installers are dead, deploying our bits is a continuous process
  • Nick Barcet - Director of OpenStack Product Management @ Red Hat
  • Keith Basil - Principal Product Manager, OpenStack Platform @ Red Hat
TripleO: Beyond the Basic Openstack Deployment
  • Steven Hillman - Software Engineer @ Cisco Systems
  • Shiva Prasad Rao - Software Engineer @ Cisco Systems
  • Sourabh Patwardhan - Technical Leader @ Cisco Systems
  • Saksham Varma - Software Engineer @ Cisco Systems
  • Jason Dobies - Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat
  • Mike Burns - Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat
  • Mike Orazi - Manager, Software Engineering @ Red Hat
  • John Trowbridge - Software Engineer, Red Hat @ Red Hat
Troubleshoot Your Next Open Source Deployment
  • Lysander David - IT Infrastructure Architect @ Symantec
Advantages and Challenges of Deploying OpenStack with Puppet
  • Colleen Murphy - Cloud Software Engineer @ HP
  • Emilien Macchi - Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat
Cloud Automation: Deploying and Managing OpenStack with Heat
  • Snehangshu Karmakar - Cloud Curriculum Manager @ Red Hat
Hands-on lab: Deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  • Adolfo Vazquez - Curriculum Manager @ Red Hat
TripleO and Heat for Operators: Bringing the values of Openstack to Openstack Management
  • Graeme Gillies - Principal Systems Administrator @ Red Hat
The omniscient cloud: How to know all the things with bare-metal inspection for Ironic
  • Dmitry Tantsur - Software Engineer @ Red Hat
  • John Trowbridge - Software Engineer @ Red Hat
Troubleshooting A Highly Available Openstack Deployment.
  • Sadique Puthen - Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Red Hat
Tuning HA OpenStack Deployments to Maximize Hardware Capabilities
  • Vinny Valdez - Sr. Principal Cloud Architect @ Red Hat
  • Ryan O'Hara - Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat
  • Dan Radez - Sr. Software Engineer @ Red Hat
OpenStack for Architects
  • Michael Solberg - Chief Field Architect @ Red Hat
  • Brent Holden - Chief Field Architect @ Red Hat
A Day in the Life of an Openstack & Cloud Architect
  • Vijay Chebolu - Practice Lead @ Red Hat
  • Vinny Valdez - Sr. Principal Cloud Architect @ Red Hat
Cinder Always On! Reliability and scalability - Liberty and beyond
  • Michał Dulko - Software Engineer @ Intel
  • Szymon Wróblewski - Software Engineer @ Intel
  • Gorka Eguileor - Senior Software Engineer @ Red Hat

Metering and Monitoring

Storing metrics at scale with Gnocchi, triggering with Aodh
  • Julien Danjou - Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat

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