Custom software development and business automation have traditionally been two distinct ways to approach IT solutions to business challenges. Each approach has its own tradeoffs. While software development draws from engineering rigor, historically, the processes have been slow. Conversely, while business automation has enabled non-engineering stakeholders to codify business logic, this has led to additional risk.

But today, as the demands of the market increase and rate of delivery accelerates, business automation solutions must incorporate a modern infrastructure and methodology for software development and deployment, if practitioners are to realize the agility, quality and return on investment that gave rise to these types of solutions in the first place.

At this year’s Red Hat Summit on Tuesday, June 28th, I’ll be speaking to how we’re helping businesses apply best practices from modern software development to business automation, so organizations can realize the engineering rigor of software development while eliminating the additional risk of traditional business automation. I’ll also be leading an interactive white boarding session on Thursday, June 30th around an actionable design model to deploy to apply these best practices to your business.


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