The rain has been falling, and spring is now in full force at Red Hat’s headquarters in North Carolina. During April, we’re looking forward to a busy month – from online webinars, to partner, middleware, and community events, we’ve got it all covered. Take a look below to see what’s happening in your part of the world.

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On April 14, Red Hat will host the webinar “Do More with Less: Java Application Platforms for Lightweight Workloads. Look at ways to reduce TCO and do more with a shrinking IT budget. Learn how JBoss Enterprise Middleware can accommodate all types of Java application workloads. Whether you’re building and managing simple websites, or highly transactional Java EE applications, Red Hat solutions can help cut costs out of your middleware infrastructure and do more with your budget.



North America

Join Dell and Red Hat for lunch on April 8 in Boston. Rob Cardwell, vice president of Middleware Technology at Red Hat, will be on hand to discuss how JBoss and Dell can deliver reliability, availability and serviceability. Register for the event here.

Michael Tiemann, vice president of Open Source Affairs, will be speaking at the Council for Entrepreneurial Development on April 14, 2009 in Durham, NC. Michael will be speaking about his journey from owning an open source start-up, to being acquired by Red Hat, and beyond.

Lee Congdon, CIO of Red Hat, will be keynoting at the Palmetto Open Source Conference on Saturday April 18 in Columbia, SC. In addition, Greg DeKoenigsberg, senior community architect for Red Hat, will also present at the conference.

Fedora will be present at the 2009 LinuxFest Northwest, April 25-26 in Bellingham, Washington. Presentations include a sneak peak at Fedora 11, Fedora 101, and Customizing Your Own Fedora Distribution. To view a complete list of Fedora events click here.


To view our April government events click here


The Red Hat and JBoss EMEA Partner Summit will take place April 19 – 22 in Malta. The event is one of the premier open source technology partner conferences, and will focus on the partner ecosystem and collaboration. Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO, will be keynoting at the event.


The 2009 IDC Cloud Computing Conference will be held in Sydney and Mumbai, April 24 and 28 respectively. During the conference attendees will learn which areas of cloud technology are most widely adopted as well as the challenges and benefits of cloud computing. Case studies will focus on how cloud computing can increase capacity and extend IT’s capabilities with minimal cost and significant flexibility and speed.