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Containers run on Linux. Linux is containers. Red Hat has never been better positioned in the container market, but successful container adoption hinges on a lot more than software containers themselves. Improved software delivery — enabled by containers — requires changes to process, methods, and culture. Enter DevOps.


We are seeking open source enthusiasts to join our team — experts and evangelists who want to be at the cutting edge of how customers increasingly do business. Learn why the time is now to join Red Hat Consulting and hear from the team (you may soon be working with)! 


Matt Witzenman | OpenShift Architect

A *nux admin for over eighteen years, I came from a background in infrastructure (IaaS) with a focus on design and implementation. As I spotted the increasing importance of containers, I saw a great opportunity to take what I knew from my IaaS days to help customers get from where I was with VMs, to where containers will take them into the future. I am passionate about helping my customers transform how they do business with containers and mentoring them along the way.


Red Hat has already invested so much in me — in a short time, I am already leading projects and participating in company-wide initiatives to grow the business. You are respected and valued here at Red Hat and it is shown in many ways!


Raffaele Spazzoli | OpenShift Architect

It became clear to me in my previous roles that containers were going to lead a paradigm change, one of those that happens every 10-15 years. I had observed the two previous transitions from mainframes to distributed physical machines and from physical machines to VMs, and decided that I wanted to be in the middle of this one.


Red Hat gave — and continues to give — me the  opportunity to play a protagonist role in our customers’ successful  container adoption in North America. After I was hired, I was given enough time to study our products and to catch up on the infrastructure side, and following a couple of engagements in which I was shadowing, I started working with customers directly. In my role, I also contribute back to the larger Red Hat Community, with blog posts and other content.


I’ve been there for a year, and already I feel that we are changing the way data centers are designed by bringing containers everywhere.


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