When I was very young my mother dragged my sister and I around to do her weekly shopping every Saturday. We would go to the grocery store, the bakery, the butcher, the fruit stand and the department stores for clothing and other supplies. This was a very time-consuming and inefficient process consuming the better part of the day.

In some of the stores she went to she knew the clerks by name, others she didn’t. The ones she knew, she took advice from, and with others she scrutinized every detail about their wares. Sometimes she backtracked and stopped at another store when one of the merchants failed to have what she needed.

My family has a similar weekend ritual to my mother’s. However, it’s considerably less time consuming. My wife can go to her Target superstore, groceries and household goods, grab a cup of coffee or lunch in the store in less than two hours. Additionally, she has an allegiance to Target that she prefers over some of the other superstore vendors. She trusts that they will carry quality products and stand behind those products if she has a problem. This is a huge improvement in the way she shops over the way my mother did.

Until recently finding open source software and finding applications was just as inefficient as my mother¹s way of shopping. Finding open source applications involved trolling SourceForge or Freshmeat.net looking for applications that may or may not be up to your standards. Or taking a chance on a company you don’t know to support your applications.

Just like my wife’s superstore, Red Hat has brought huge improvements in procuring open source for you through Red Hat Exchange (RHX). RHX allows you receive both your operating system and your critical open source applications through one convenient source.

Linux users who understand the benefits that having a reputable vendor behind their Linux distribution now have that same support from a single source with their IT applications. RHX takes the guesswork out of which applications are enterprise-ready. Red Hat has worked at length with Zenoss and other vendors to make sure they can provide the highest quality experience and support in using Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Finally, you can get all your applications from a name you know and trust.

Zenoss is extremely pleased to be part of the RHX program. To find out more
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