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Red Hat Innovation Advocates

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Red Hat® customers are IT heroes. You find creative solutions to tough problems—from improving education in Malaysia to delivering a consistent travel experience for millions of clients—using our open source solutions. By recognizing your successes, we hope to encourage others to innovate the open source way.

Become an advocate

Do open source solutions help you succeed? Spread the word and earn cool stuff.

We reward our customer advocates through the Red Hat Innovation Advocates program with 2 goals in mind:

  • Reward IT leaders in our customer and partner communities who use open source solutions to make a difference in their companies and industries.

  • Share their stories with the world to raise awareness about the many benefits of open source technology and Red Hat solutions.

Here's how it works: Choose from 15+ opportunities to showcase your company's Red Hat technology innovation. Each activity is worth points. As you participate in activities, the points earned automatically place you in 1 of 3 levels: Assembler, Ambassador, or Advocate. The more points you collect, the more rewards you earn.

Participation levels

  Assembler1-4 Points Ambassador5-8 Points Advocate9+ Points
Elevated status at Red Hat and industry events
Package with Red Hat swag Deluxe Premium Executive
Complimentary Red Hat Summit pass and hotel accommodations for 3 nights    

What's in it for you

Want more reasons to become an advocate?

  • Get priceless publicity for your company.
  • Connect to a global network of enterprises, partners, and open source communities—which could trigger another innovative idea.
  • Earn the admiration and respect of your peers.
  • Get opportunities to network with Red Hat executives and industry leaders.

Activity point values

Let's get to the points

1 point

  • Industry award submission

    Red Hat nominates your company and your team’s IT success story for various industry awards. Because your accomplishments should earn you more than a high-five.

  • Logo usage rights

    Love your company's logo? We'll add it to relevant Red Hat marketing materials so our audience can love it, too.

  • Testimonial quote

    Feel like sharing? Provide a quote describing your experience using Red Hat solutions. Your words could appear on our website or in other marketing collateral.

  • Red Hat customer list

    We publicly list your company as a Red Hat customer. You'll join a club that boasts organizations like British Airways and Adobe.

2 points

  • Peer-to-peer call

    All kinds of organizations are curious about open source and often ask to speak directly to someone like you, who successfully deployed open source solutions with Red Hat. These calls ensure an unbiased opinion and are a private way to share your Red Hat experience.

  • Industry analyst review

    When analysts talk, the technology industry pays attention. We help arrange a private discussion about your Red Hat technology success with industry analysts like Gartner, IDC, and Forrester. Some interviews are included in published whitepapers, while others stay between you and the analyst.

  • Press release

    Red Hat writes a press release highlighting your success. Of course, your public relations department has full editorial control and approval before the release is posted to the news wire.

  • Red Hat Innovation Awards submission

    To nominate your company for 1 or more of our annual Red Hat Innovation Awards, submit your story about your innovative uses of our technologies. Winners get a shiny new trophy, 2 free passes to Red Hat Summit, and a whole lot more.

  • Success snapshot

    We highlight your Red Hat deployment in a 1-page, bulleted document which is posted to the Red Hat website and distributed at industry events. It's easy to read, easy to share, and an easy way for you to score 2 points.

3 points

  • Written case study

    We assign a professional writer to capture the specifics of your successful Red Hat deployment. Then we post it on our website and share it at events. Don't worry—you get to review the copy, and the case study isn't final until you sign off.

  • Success video

    Red Hat tells your customer story on video and shares it via Red Hat’s website and social media outlets like Facebook and YouTube. It's kind of like being in the movies, but without paparazzi.

  • Marketing campaign

    Do you love Red Hat or a particular Red Hat product? Participate in one of our marketing campaigns, such as a product launch or featured customer photo. We're a fun group to work with (unless we're out of coffee).

4 points

  • Media interview

    Participate in an interview—specific to your implementation of Red Hat solutions—with various members of the media. This could be your 15 minutes of fame.

  • Guest blogger

    How can you earn 4 points without leaving your keyboard? Become a guest blogger for Red Hat. Share your knowledge and experiences on one of our blogs about open source technologies.

  • Webinar

    If you like helping people—from a distance—share your customer experience via a Red Hat webinar.

  • Speaking engagement

    You talk, they'll listen. Present at Red Hat or industry events to share your company’s implementation of Red Hat technologies.

How our customers are succeeding

See how Red Hat customers are using our solutions to grow their businesses, overcome complex IT challenges, and plan for the future.


FICO clients wanted faster time to value. With the FICO Analytic Cloud—which runs on Red Hat technologies—the data analytics company reduced time to value for developing analytic solutions by up to 70% versus on-premise software.


SaskTel, a full-service communications provider, was able to take in and interrogate its huge volumes of syslog data. But it needed an affordable way to store the data long term. That's where software-defined Red Hat Gluster Storage came in.


Using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Cisco created its Lightweight Application Environment, a modern on-premise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment where 1,000+ of its developers can easily design and build apps.

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