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Red Hat Innovation Awards

American Product Distributors, Inc.

Winning category: Accelerate, integrate, automate

Success story

APD builds procurement solution like no other with Red Hat JBoss Middleware

American Product Distributors, Inc. (APD) provides custom procurement solutions to large organizations. Through its Value Innovation Technologies subsidiary, APD wanted to update its proprietary e-commerce platform and create a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for large enterprises to save money and give management control by empowering their employees to make smarter online purchasing decisions.

APD turned to Red Hat® Consulting to lead the design, implementation, testing, and production rollout of APD’s new eLink Gateway system, built with Red Hat JBoss® Middleware. eLink Gateway uses big data analytics and customized electronic catalogs with automated management controls to help clients maximize cost savings on the products and services they purchase. Through product-comparison features, eLink Gateway lets users automatically buy the most cost-efficient item available every time an order is placed. APD says the solution has reduced its total cost of ownership (TCO) by 25% and trimmed capital expenditures by 52%.

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Our goal was to create an innovative model that could not be easily replicated in the marketplace, and the Red Hat solution has met that challenge.

Cy Kennedy, President, American Product Distributors

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