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Red Hat Innovation Awards

Hennepin Home Health Care

Winning category: Ecosystem and knowledge exchange

Success story

Hennepin uses Red Hat virtualization technology to support compassionate healthcare

Hennepin Home Health Care, Inc. (HHHC) found itself at an IT crossroads. The existing IT infrastructure needed a refresh, but with future healthcare regulations around online billing and record keeping becoming increasingly strict and difficult to anticipate, the new infrastructure needed an unprecedented degree of flexibility. Under unusually tight budget constraints, HHHC enlisted the expertise of Red Hat and Infrasupport, a Red Hat® partner. Infrasupport has a long-time relationship with HHHC and regularly moves IT challenges from impossible, to success, to routine. Virtualization has been the key to flexibility, and Infrasupport proposed a virtualization solution based on Red Hat Virtualization with Microsoft Windows guests. With its new virtual infrastructure, HHHC is now positioned to rapidly respond to the unpredictable demands of healthcare regulators and to try small experiments with new, cutting-edge ideas and services, and scale them up as opportunities present themselves.

Embracing innovative technology from Red Hat will help us grow and deliver even better service to our clients.

Mark Mata, president, Hennepin Home Health Care

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