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Red Hat Innovation Awards

Nanyang Technological University

Winning category: Emerging technologies

Success story

NTU increases efficiency and performance while saving costs with a hybrid cloud

Due to high computing demand by researchers and students, Nanyang Technological University, a research-intensive university in Singapore, sought an open hybrid cloud infrastructure to link the school's private cloud with its Amazon Web Services public cloud. The university deployed Red Hat® Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat's solution for building and managing an open, private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud based on datacenter virtualization and management technologies. Nanyang Technological University reduced costs by 30% savings by integrating their public and private clouds. The school increased flexibility, afforded by the Red Hat and Amazon Web Services cloud solution, during computing traffic spikes and provided secure data replication.

We evaluated Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure to be one of the most versatile and complete cloud solutions available.

Professor Yeng Chai Soh, founding director, High Performance Computing Centre, Nanyang Technological University

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