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Red Hat Innovation Awards

OSDE Binario

Winning category: Accelerate, integrate, automate

Success story

Red Hat helps OSDE Binario prepare for the future of healthcare

The largest private healthcare company in Argentina, OSDE Binario, sought a more adaptable middleware solution to speed up application development. By building a new architecture with Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Decision Manager (formerly Red Hat JBoss BRMS), Red Hat JBoss Data Grid, and Red Hat JBoss Operations Network, the company can now make changes to applications more rapidly without interrupting user interaction. OSDE can now complete new application projects in less than 4 weeks instead of the previous minimum of 4 months. The Red Hat solution brought quicker response times, and OSDE is now able to store 40 customer requests per second and send a response within 60 milliseconds.

Red Hat has played a fundamental role in implementing our solutions. OSDE's decision to base its technology architecture and business support on open source technologies demanded products with large market participation, an active community, and first-level enterprise support.

Gustavo Aguirre, chief information officer, OSDE Binario

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