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Red Hat Innovation Awards

SEDESOL Oportunidades

Winning category: Application development

Success story

Oportunidades program improves performance with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

SEDESOL Oportunidades program strives to counteract causes of extreme poverty in Mexico by providing economic incentives for educational, health, and nutritional improvement for families. SEDESOL Oportunidades determined the socioeconomic status of potential beneficiaries through surveys on paper, but the government agency developed a system to allow a virtual application to, first, validate the information in real time to determine the eligibility of an applicant, and second, minimize service times to potential beneficiaries. With the integration of Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SEDESOL Oportunidades deployed the survey on mobile devices. This reduced the survey response time from 2 hours to 50 minutes, saved 1,200 tons of paper to date, and cut costs approximately US$195 million on 15 million surveys. In addition, the department is now incorporating Red Hat Decision Manager (formerly Red Hat JBoss BRMS), Red Hat Fuse (formerly Red Hat JBoss Fuse), and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid for a future stage of their project.

I recommend using Red Hat solutions, tools, and also services; it represents an advantage for achieving the optimized coordination that the program required.

Emilio Patricio Gómez, deputy general director of Information Systems and Technological Development, National Coordination of the Human Development Program Oportunidades

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