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Create a standardized, predictable, repeatable, and automated infrastructure

Grow your IT with standardization and Red Hat Consulting

Create a standardized IT environment, automate manual processes, and iterate to adapt quickly with the stability of Red Hat® infrastructure. Our datasheet, "Optimize IT with adaptive standard operating environments," shows you how to get started.

Red Hat Consulting helps organizations create a standardized, predictable, repeatable, and automated infrastructure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Consultants guide customers toward an optimized infrastructure with a proven solution delivery framework that includes best practices and mentoring. This helps you strategically introduce and sustain standards, processes, and governance while laying the groundwork for an environment that can meet demands.

Establish a framework to naturally grow and evolve your IT through:

  • Standardization. Reduce sprawl and accelerate change with component architectures, living documentation, and a common toolset.
  • Automation. Act more quickly with proven and repeatable processes.
  • Iteration. As your business grows and evolves, adapt through continuous improvement.

Read the datasheet to see how Red Hat Consulting can move your organization into the future with a standard operating environment.