Fuel growth by building an insights-driven business: The future of data agility in the financial services industry

Address data gravity to build an insights-driven enterprise poised for growth

Data-driven decision-making and the use of advanced analytics are becoming fundamental tools for financial service industry (FSI) leaders' capabilities and strategy. Data insights increase revenue and innovation for insights-driven firms. However, for data and intelligence to scale, firms need to ensure that their data practices and tools allow for agility in data flows and optimize connectivity among large and disparate sets of data. While the FSI industry has recognized the need to prioritize data, their infrastructure and practices have yet to catch up to addressing fundamental challenges in data gravity and scale. The FSI industry must make future-ready infrastructure transformations that take advantage of data-centric architecture to develop and innovate enterprise data capabilities.

This study*, commissioned by Forrester Consulting, highlights the role that pivotal capabilities can play in addressing data gravity and infrastructure needs to optimize data management in the FSI sector.

In this analyst material, you'll learn:

  • How the use of data, analytics, and insights for decision-making is gaining priority in Asia-Pacific (APAC) FSI firms.
  • The infrastructure challenges posed by data gravity and their consequences.
  • Recommendations on optimizing traditional architecture and data practices for connectivity.

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*Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Red Hat and Intel. "Fuel growth by building an insights-driven business," Sept. 2022.




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