How to automate DevSecOps in Red Hat OpenShift

Empower developers with security guardrails, while providing runtime protection

Modern software delivery methods that embrace continuous deployments across hybrid environments require a new security approach to provide security guardrails earlier in the application development process. Implementing DevSecOps starts with introducing automated safety checks earlier in the development process to protect the software supply chain. Download this e-book that explores ways to transform your security-focus, and highlights DevSecOps best practices such as:

  • ​Using a trusted, enterprise-grade private image registry and limit access
  • Using minimalist base images
  • Updating outdated base images and their dependencies when new versions are available

Learn how Red Hat® OpenShift® Platform Plus helps enterprises build, deploy, run, manage, and provide an increased security-focus for innovative applications at scale

How to automate DevSecOps in Red Hat OpenShift

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